How To Dress Like James Dean

Admirers of the cool, detached retro look, and angst filled teenagers alike can all learn how to dress like James Dean convincingly. Although he died at the young age of 24, his legacy and legend of his character continues even today. 

  1. Style your hair like James Dean. His distinctive pompadour hairstyle is not difficult to recreate. If you want to dress like James Dean long term, you may want to get your hair cut to accommodate the look. Comb the sides up and back with styling gel. Pull the top up, combing it into a soft curl at the forehead. Products like pomade or gel are needed to give it staying power. If you are not into the wet look, try non-shine pomade.
  2. Wear blue jeans. Straight legged, classically styled blue jeans are a wardrobe staple when you dress like James Dean. Not too baggy or shabby. Cuff the pants for a more authentic look.
  3. Stock up on white T-shirts. While James Dean was known as a rebel, his style was not dirty. Be sure the T-shirt is a nice pure white. Roll a pack of cigarettes into the sleeve if you want to dress like James Dean for a costume party, or if you smoke. If not, feel free to skip the cigarettes. 
  4. Look for a pair of plain work boots. Nothing fancy or overly embellished when you are out to dress like James Dean. His standard outfit was simple, but worn with attitude. Dean's boots had a good size heel on them.
  5. Pair the boots with white sport socks. These may not be seen, but you will know they are there.
  6. Throw on a red windbreaker.  James Dean wore a simple red jacket in the 1955 movie, "Rebel Without A Cause." Don't forget to pop the collar.  
  7. Pull out all the stops when you dress like James Dean and wear a leather motorcycle jacket. He is well known for his leather. Look for a black leather that is slightly cropped and fits well. Again, pop the collar if you can.  
  8. Once you get the look down, you can venture out into black stretchy shirts. Leave it unbuttoned and tucked in. Lounge, swagger and dress like James Dean, who knows, maybe you'll wind up with a modern day Marilyn.  
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