How To Dress In Japan

Knowing how to dress in Japan depends upon your intention. Are you going to Japan on business on vacation or to live? What area are you traveling to? How old are you? The Japanese are serious about their culture and will judge you according to how you dress in Japan.

To dress in Japan you will need any of these kinds of clothing:

  • Conservative business clothing
  • Preppy clothes
  • Extreme punk fashion
  • Character costumes
  • Kimono
  1. Conservative is the way to go if you are heading to Japan on business. Nothing flashy, just a simple button down shirt and tie with a simple well made suit is the conservative way to dress in Japan.
  2. Choose a dark colored suit. It is important if you want to impress with how you dress in Japan.
  3. Short conservative hair cut is expected. Showing up with long hair–even with a suit and tie–will not be respected.
  4. Polish your shoes. Wear a good pair of dress shoes that are clean and polished to perfection.
  5. Shoes should be easy to take on and off. You will be expected to remove your shoes several times a day in Japan.
  6. Preppy attire straight from the American Ivy League schools are commonly seen on the streets of Japan. Polo shirts, plaid shorts, dockers, knee socks,  penny loafers all topped off with a perfect 7-3 part.
  7. Harajuku has a look all it's own for dress in Japan. Street punk in Japan is taken just as seriously as their business attire. Think extreme punk mixed with anime characters, and you might be able to come up with an outfit for a day in Harajuku.
  8. Kimono's are worn by both men and women in Japan. If you are going to put on a kimono, be sure to wrap the right side of the kimono over your body, then overlap it with the left.  Like many things in Japan this has meaning. Wrapping a kimono from the other side, with the right on top of left is used only for burial.
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