How To Dress Like Jay Z

It’s easy to learn how to dress like Jay Z. Jay Z has his own fashion line, Rocawear, that includes all of his favorite styles. The clothing from Rocawear is typically very casual and reflects a laid back style. Most of Jay Z’s clothing is from or like the clothing from his line. If you want to learn how to dress like Jay Z there are couple of staples you need to buy.

If you want to learn how to dress like Jay Z you will need

  • Money for a new wardrobe
  • Rocawear jeans
  • Zip up jackets
  • Cool t-shirts
  • Black Rocawear sneakers
  • A platinum chain
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • A black NYC baseball hat

In order to dress like Jay Z you will need to

  1. Check out some fashion magazines. You can get some great ideas for how to dress like Jay Z by checking out what he wears on a regular basis. Most gossip magazines have regular snapshots of Jay Z out and about. Decide what styles you like in particular. Jay Z has a great casual look that still makes him look like a star in day to day life.
  2. Purchase some basics. The basics are Rocawear jeans, cool t-shirts, baseball hats, and zip up jackets. Jay Z is seen all the time wearing different outfits that are basically the same staples. He has a very simple style that is easy to replicate. Go out and buy yourself some of these basic items or check online to purchase directly from the website.
  3. Buy Rocawear sneakers. Shoes are an important part of every celebrity wardrobe. Jay Z is usually only seen wearing his own shoes. He tends to wear styles that are similar to Jordan’s, but that are designed by his company. You should buy black sneakers because you’ll have the most outfit coordination.
  4. Accessorize with a chain and sunglasses. The chain should be thick and platinum. If you can’t afford platinum, try to find a good knock off. Jay Z is usually seen wearing aviator sunglasses too. Pick some of those up too and get the most expensive brand you can afford. If you really want to dress like Jay Z, never take your sunglasses off.
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