How To Dress Up As A Jazz Singer

Whether you were invited to a 1920's theme party, or if you are getting ready to hit the stage, its never a bad idea to learn how to dress up as a jazz singer to wow the crowd. Jazz music evokes an attitude all it's own. Jazz singers are cool. That is who they are, cool. If you want to be the coolest cat in town follow these guidelines.

To dress up like a jazz singer you will need;

  • dress clothes and shoes
  • cool attitude
  1. Wear a hat. Look for a fedora. You can even pop a feather in your cap, don't worry no one will mistake you for Yankee Doodle. Feathers add a custom look to your cap that makes it all your own.
  2. Choose your dressiest dress pants. Look for silky pin stripes or high waisted deeply colored slacks that make a statement. Jazz singers can get away with extreme glamour, as long as it is cool. Deep purple, red or maroon works well. They can be long and pool at the hem line, or choose pants that just fit and wear colorful socks or pure white.   
  3. Dress shoes are a must. Look for classic old man shoes, wing tips, lace ups or shiny patent leather. Now shine them up even more, make them gleam in the candlelight.
  4. Jazz singers look their best with a button down shirt. Crisp white is perfect, but black or a deep color also works.
  5. Own the look. The overall key to dressing like a jazz singer is to know how to strut your stuff. Confidence is the name of the game. Jazz singers ooze cool detachment. Master that and you are good to go.









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