How To Dress Like Johnny Depp

Learning how to dress like Johnny Depp can easily be accomplished. Johnny Depp has had a long and successful acting career. Johnny truly has his own sense of style when it comes to his appearance. Dressing like Johnny Depp will require a man to like the grunge chic look.  Johnny has dated many leading ladies in Hollywood. Women find his confident personality and sense of style very attractive. It’s no wonder men want to dress like Johnny Depp.

  1. Shades.  Dress like Johnny Depp by wearing a great pair of shades. Johnny is always seen wearing sun glasses. Even at night he has a fashionable pair of shades close by. It truly is a part of his look.
  2. Scarves. Johnny is seen wearing a scarf around his neck often. He wears a scarf loosely wrapped around the neck with a large long jacket. The scarf doesn’t have to match the outfit he is wearing. Johnny wears mismatched clothing; it's part of the grunge chic look he is going for.
  3. Jackets. To dress like Johnny, a man must own at least one long button up collared jacket. Johnny Depp is never without a dark jacket that is long in length. The jacket can be to mid-thigh or down to the knee.
  4. Baggy jeans. Jeans are a must when dressing like Johnny Depp. He is seen wearing jeans almost religiously. The color of the jeans are not important, but they must have holes and the grunge distressed look.
  5. Hats. Johnny’s look would not be complete without a stylish hat. Whether it’s a knit, oversized beanie, or a fashion forward top hat, he is always seen wearing them.
  6. Jewelry. Dress like Johnny by owning lots of jewelry. Some signature items are a cross necklace and red beaded necklace that he wears together. He likes to layer jewelry especially necklaces that are different styles and sizes.
  7. Flannel. He is seen wearing flannel button up shirts that are tattered and worn looking. Sometimes they are sleeveless. He never buttons up shirts all the way, unless it’s for a formal black tie event.



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