How To Dress Like Joseph Gordon Levitt

How to dress like Joseph Gordon Levitt will require a laid back man with great fashion sense. Joseph Gordon was born in Los Angeles, California and has been acting for over twenty years. He has had a very successful career in Hollywood, and has a great reputation with the ladies. To dress like Joseph Gordon Levitt a man must have an original sense of style. Shaggy hair and facial stubble are all a part of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s appearance that makes him an individual.

  1. Messy hair. Dress like Joseph Gordon Levitt and let the hair grow mid length to long. Don’t worry about styling the hair, just let it fall down and tuck it behind the ears, for a messy laid back look. His hair is a big part of his appearance.
  2. Jeans. To dress like Joseph Gordon Levitt wear denim jeans. They shouldn’t be baggy, or loose Joseph has a lean slender built and he would be lost in jeans that are too big. The style of jeans should be straight leg, long, and fitted.
  3. Shirts. The shirts that Joseph Gordon Levitt wears are very original. They usually have some print on them. Stay away from shirts that are to preppy in style. Bright colors in blue and red are what he wears often. To dress like Joseph wear fun printed cotton shirts.
  4. Hoodies. Dressing like Joseph will require a man to wear hoodies. Hoodies that are on the grungy side are best. Oversized and bulky that zips up in the front.
  5. Jackets. Dark long jackets that have a collar and large buttons on the front are what Joseph Gordon Levitt wears all the time. Sometimes he will be seen wearing a scarf around his neck with this style of jacket.
  6. A good suit. No man is complete without owning a good suit in his wardrobe. Joseph Gordon Levitt proves that he cleans up nicely. He wears a dark navy formal suit, with a matching navy button up collared shirt, and completes the look with a light blue tie. Slick back the hair and you are on your way to dressing like Joseph Gordon Levitt.
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