How To Dress Like Jude Law

Learning how to dress like Jude Law means learning how to epitomize what it means to be a pretty boy. Jude Law is the quintessential metrosexual male of this day and age. Even when this guy is dressed down, he's dressed up. Even in a t-shirt and jogging pants, the guy's totally coordinated, clean and presentable. Unlike a decent number of his contemporaries, Jude Law never looks disheveled. If there was a male version of a diva, he would be it. Even when he was dealing with the infamous "nannygate" scandal, this dude was looking his best. Dressing like Jude Law means making your personal appearance and hygiene the utmost importance. Hold on to your knickers; here's how to dress like Jude Law.

  1. Hair and face. Dressing like Jude Law means supercharging your hygiene game. It's no secret that the guy is attractive, but how attractive would he be if he allowed his hair and face to be less than perfect? Even when his hair is messy, it looks as if it was perfectly planned to be that way, like every strand was meticulously placed into position. The guy's face is totally blemish free and when he sports a five o'clock shadow, it looks as if it was drawn on by a make up artist. Dressing like Jude law means paying attention to the details.
  2. Hands. Your nails need to be groomed. No jagged nails hanging around. You should rock the clear nail polish if you really want that pretty boy appearance.
  3. Shirts. Jude Law has a decent physique. He wears shirts that accentuate that physique. They're not extremely tight, nor are they too loose. They fit in such a way to show off his physique without throwing it in your face. If it's t-shirts, collared shirts or polos, wear shirts that make your physique look its best. If you don't have a fit form, make sure you wear stuff that fits. A fat belly in a tight shirt looks ridiculous. Jude Law doesn't dress like Baby Huey and you shouldn't either.
  4. Coats and blazers. Jude Law never wears bulky clothing. All of his clothes favor his thin frame. His coats and blazers do the same. Taking Jude Law's style of dress means rocking clothes like he does. Don't wear extremely bulky stuff. You coats and blazers should fit your frame as perfectly as Jude Law's clothes fit him.
  5. Pants and jeans. Similar to the rest of his wardrobe, Jude Law's choice of pants and jeans accentuate the shape of his lower half. He doesn't wear baggy jeans and sloppy pants. They aren't too long either. They stop just over the top of his shoes. If you want Jude Law's style, make a conscious effort to wear pants that fit.
  6. Shoes. Your shoes should be top notch. No dirty kicks and worn out dress shoes. Jude Law's shoes are probably the best part of his outfits. Careful consideration should be taken when choosing which shoes to wear with your clothes when trying to emulate Jude Law's style.
  7. Accessories. Scarves, hats, handkerchiefs or whatever. They need to compliment the rest of the outfit. No funny looking stuff. Don't overdo it with the accessories. If you think its too much, it probably is.
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