How to Dress Like Kanye West

This is how to dress like Kanye West. Kanye West is one of the most recognizable names in the media today, and it is not uncommon to want to be like him. Millions of kids look up to him and wish that they could just be that much more like him, and that much less like themselves, so this is where this article comes in hand. Follow these tips and you will be dressing like Kanye West in no time.

The items you will need are.

  • Baggy Clothing
  • Necklace Cross
  • Flashy Watch
  • Rings
  • Sun Glasses
  1. First thing you will want to dress is your head. To look like Kanye West, let's start from the top. You will want to take one flat-brimmed baseball cap; the team does not matter. Place the cap on your head tilted so it is not facing straight forward. The side you tilt it does not matter. As we move down, we get to the eyes. Kanye West usually has a pair of flashy glasses covering his eyes. Simply place a dark shade of sunglasses over your eyes. In order to really look like Kanye, pick a dark shade so that your eyes are not visible
  2. Next item up for styling is your torso. In order to dress like Kanye West, you must choose a T-shirt with extra shirt sleeves. Why does Kanye West dress with shorter sleeves? Because he likes to show off his muscles. On your arms you will need a watch. Kanye West is rarely seen without a flashy diamond watch on his wrist. If you cannot afford a diamond watch, then anything with bright colors might work. The point is you need it to stand out. As you move further down your arms, you will want to put on a ring or two. It's the same deal with the watches. You want them to be flashy to really pull of the Kanye West look.
  3. The last part of your body you will style like Kanye West is your lower body. Kanye West is rarely seen in shorts so you want to avoid shorts. He is usually seen wearing a relaxing pair of denim jeans. Kanye does not wear faded jeans like most rock stars so avoid stone washed jeans. Instead, go for a brand new jeans look. You can choose either blue or black. The last part of your body for customization are your shoes. Kanye has been seen wearing sneakers so they are not out of the question, but he is mostly seen in air forces.

That is how you dress like Kanye West. Whether he is your idol and your just aspiring to be more like him, or you recognize him as a dress mogul and want to impress a few people, Kanye West has always looked good.

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