How To Dress For London Winters

Learning how to dress for London winters is tricky. London winters are quite cold, wet and unpredictable. There are several tips for keeping you comfortable and fashionable when visiting London. 

  1. Dress in layers. First and foremost this is the best way to survive London winters. Having several light layers of clothing will allow you to peel off items if you are too warm, especially when heading inside a restaurant or store. These establishments generally have heat blasting and will be very uncomfortable if all you have under your coat is a thick sweater.
  2. Be ready for the rain. Carry an umbrella, wear waterproof shoes or boots and have a trench coat or other rain coat to keep your inside garments dry.
  3. Use a scarf. The function of a scarf is to keep your neck warm. This is especially good when it is not only cold out, but a rainy cold like you'll often find in London winters. Wrap by folding in half, placing around your shoulders then slipping the ends into the loop that is created. Tuck the ends into your coat and be ready to face the elements in style.
  4. Add a pop of color. The sky may be grey and dreary during London winters, but you don't have to be. Add a bright scarf or surprise with a colorful pair of socks for when you change out of your winter boots. 
  5. Speaking of boots, choose a pair that can be easily slipped on and off. Being able to remove your boots in friends' homes and switch into casual loafers in a restaurant will raise your style quotient while braving London winters. 
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