How To Dress Like A Man

Need to know how to dress like a man? There are many different ways to dress like a man, but the style you choose depends on the type of man you want to represent. In our current society, dressing like a mature man is the most respectable choice. There are particular features of an outfit that will make you look like the mature, successful man you aim to be.

  1. Wear a collared, button-down shirt. Collared button-down shirts are clean, simple and sophisticated. They can be dressed up with slacks and dressed down with jeans, while still giving a mature look. These shirts are a staple of any mature man's outfit, and no other style of shirt can provide a similar effect. You can choose a variety of colors and designs, but be sure that they are appropriate for your age and skin tone. Also, to truly dress like a man, choose shirts that fit properly; the fabric should not pull and the bottom of the shirt should rest just below the waist.
  2. Only wear pants that fit properly. The type of pants you wear is not as important as the fit. In general, you should wear a relaxed, straight-leg pant that fits at the waist. The length of the pants should stop at the top of the heel of your shoes. For non-athletic shorts, the length of the pant should end below the knee. Don't choose pants with extravagant designs; the pants should be relatively plain. Mature men would not wear pants that are bright, sloppy and hang around their ankles.
  3. Choose shoes according to the outfit. The wrong shoe style and color can easily ruin any outfit. Shoes should be chosen with common sense; for example, athletic shoes should only be worn with athletic apparel and a black outfit should not be paired with bright red shoes. Hint: the shoes should not stand out. If your eyes are automatically drawn to your shoes, they are not appropriate for the outfit.
  4. Don't wear too many accessories. For men, accessories should be kept to a minimum. For a professional look, a tie is a must. Ties are also one of the few accessories where men can be liberal with color and design. A bright design can spice up a drab suit and enhance a professional look. Cuff links and watches are also great accessories. But stay away from earrings, necklaces, headbands and large, boisterous rings; very few men can wear them, so to be safe, it would be in your best interest not to wear them at all.
  5. Get feedback. Ask people you trust what they think about your outfit. They can give you hints and ideas that you would not have considered otherwise. By asking for advice, you will establish the mature style you desire quickly and successfully.
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