How To Dress Like Marilyn Manson

Men who wish to learn how to dress like Marilyn Manson are individuals who don't follow the flock, nor are they interested in looking mortal. Manson favors ghost white skin, red lips, jet black hair, and black clothes, just like a vampire. Learning how to dress like Marilyn Manson means acknowledging your dark side.

To dress like Marilyn Manson, you will need:

  • Jet black hair dye or Marilyn Manson style wig
  • White face foundation
  • White face powder
  • Metallic blue eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Deep red lipstick
  • Black Goth clothes
  • Black Goth platform shoes
  • White contact lens lined in black
  1. Wear your hair in a black shag, one to three inches past your ears. If your hair is already in the style, dye it jet black. If you want a less permanent look, wear a Marilyn Manson style wig.
  2. To dress like Marilyn Manson you must wear white facial foundation. But men daring enough to look like the rocker won't mind. Apply the makeup to your face and your neck. Don't skip your neck, unless your neck is covered with clothing. If you do skip your neck, you'll have a ghost white face and a normal skin tone neck. Not cool. The foundation should not be Halloween white, but the whitest foundation you can find in the makeup aisle.
  3. Set the foundation with matching white facial powder.
  4. Apply metallic blue eye shadow on the lids, sides and under your eyes. Use lots of it.
  5. Line your eyes with black eyeliner. Use lots of it.
  6. Apply lots of black mascara to your lashes.
  7. Line your lips with the black eye liner to dress like Marilyn Manson. If you don't want to use the same eye liner on your lips as you use on your eyes, buy two separate lip liners.
  8. Fill in your lips with deep red lipstick.
  9. Wear black Goth clothing and black platform Goth boots. Buy your clothing and boots from a store like Hot Topic or order your Goth clothing online. There's lots to choose from. Just make sure the style is Goth and the color is black.
  10. Wear long sleeves and long pants. Otherwise, you'll have to worry about the natural skin color of your arms and legs. They won't be ghost white. However, Marilyn Manson loves tattoos. So, if you have a lot of tattoos on your arms, you'll want to show them off.
  11. Place a white contact lens, lined around the edges in black, on one of your eyes. This is signature Marilyn Manson. Order the contact lens from a store that specializes in the Marilyn Manson contact lens.
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