How To Dress Like Method Man

Want to learn how to dress like Method Man? Method Man or Mr. Mef has that hip-hop style that others want to copy.  If you want to learn how to dress like Method Man, read on for the tips you need.

You will need:

  • Internet connection to check out Wu-Wear line
  • hoodie
  • sweaters
  • baseball caps
  • jeans or jean shorts
  • assortment of logo t-shirts
  • nylon track suit

How to dress like Method Man:

  1. Check out the Wu-Wear line.  Wu-Wear has an entire line of clothing based on the style of dress that Method Man wears. Just look up the Wu-Wear line on the internet and you can see exactly what they have to offer.
  2. Find similar items. Method Man wears hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts and baseball caps. These items come in all kinds of colors including red, green, and black with various logos on them. You can find lower cost alternatives to the Wu-Wear line by simply locating these clothing items that have similar colors and cool logos.
  3. Get a jacket. In order to look like Method Man, check out a Location brand jacket or a Wu-Wear jacket in gray, red, or black. These can also be found online.  Other brands are Pyromaniac and Urban Classics.
  4. Wear denim on bottom.  Get some long denim shorts or some baggy jeans to get that hip-hop style that says Method Man all over it.
  5. Get a track suit.  A track suit/nylon jacket and matching pants in dark blue or white is another hip-hop ensemble.

If you want to dress like Method Man, the easiest way is to check out Wu-Wear clothing that has a Method Man clothing line. You can also find items that are similar such as hoodies, sweaters, caps, jackets, denim shorts, and a nylon track suit. By putting these items together, you can emulate Mr. Mef's hip-hop style on your own.

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