How To Dress Metrosexual

Typically, most men do not care about coordinating when it comes to clothes so it would really help them to know how to dress metrosexual, matching the shoes with a shirt or jacket and making sure their hair is perfectly well styled. Grooming is an option and not necessary unless you are on a date. If you've gotten to the point where you want to take great care of your appearance to attract women, for your job, to have a completely new makeover, or for just plain ole curiosity about looking extremely good for one day, read on how to dress as a metrosexual, which does not require hours of shopping at the mall.

  1. Observe gay men. To dress as a metrosexual does does not mean a man is gay, but often there are similarities in taking pride into one's look like gay men. Visit a gay community and see how other homosexual men dress. Usually, they look impeccable from head to toe without one hair out of place.
  2. Take a female friend shopping. Women have an excellent eye when it comes to fashion and know the dos and don’t’s for clothing and shoes. To get your metrosexual look kicking, go out with a female relative, girlfriend, wife, or friend so that they can be your personal shopping assistant on what to wear and how to match your clothing well.
  3. Take pride in your appearance. Put your thoughts into your clothing and throw out the old pair of used jeans you wore 500 times in the past three years, and buy a new pair. Wearing an old T-shirt is an absolute no no; make sure your shirts are ironed out and spot free. Shoes are the top things people (at least women) look at so buying a new pair of shoes at least every one or two months will keep you looking fresh; plus you can match your casual and dress shoes for every outfit you wear. Building up a good collection of clothing and shoes is a great start to dress metrosexual. Looking like a hot man women constantly drool over is another plus!


Aside from dressing trendy, metrosexual men often get beauty treatments, or another way to call it, man-icures: hands and feet professionally done, eyebrows tweezed into perfect shape that even some women may envy, and taking good care of the skin is on a metrosexual list.

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