How To Dress Like Michael Cera

The question arises again and again, "How can I dress more like Michael Cera?".  The boyish comedian has proven you don't need to be tan and have big muscles to be a fashion trend-setter.  No need to buy expensive leather pants and an embroidered cowboy hat, you can just buy a t-shirt of a guy wearing leather pants and a cowboy hat.  Michael Cera would.

  1. Buy an ironic t-shirt.  Michael Cera's fashion sense begins and ends with t-shirts.  It's the go-to fashion move for any young male and seemingly, the best way to express yourself through your clothing.  Since Cera is privy to hipster trends, the more ironic the t-shirt is, the better.  Try something along the lines of a really big salmon eating a bear.  Also, t-shirts are a great way to let everyone know what your favorite bands are.
  2. Try snug, well-fitting pants.  Skinny jeans are all the rage, though they can be a bit stylish for Michael Cera's sensibilities.  If anything, dressing like Michael Cera is an exercise in forgoing pretentious behavior.  Try looking for slacks at JC Penny's or Marshall's.  Bonus points for corduroys or anything that resembles high-waters. 
  3. Don't leave the house without a hoodie.  Dressing like Michael Cera will almost definitely require wearing some sort of hoodie or pullover.  He rocks them onscreen and off, in a variety of different base colors.  Again, try something that's tight-fitting and if you have to class it up (for brunch and whatnot), don't be afraid to swap the hoodie for a cardigan sweater.
  4. Find a pair of low-top sneakers, no need for them to look new.  An important point to remember when emulating Michael Cera's fashion sense is comfort.  So when it comes to the shoes, nothing fancy.  Look for a pair of New Balance's or Vans and don't turn them away if they look like they've been sitting in your parent's garage for a couple years.  That means they're broken in, and all the more comfortable. 
  5. If nothing else, go vintage!  Dressing like Michael Cera is not a complicated task, though this is definitely the one step you should always remember.  Michael Cera is a glutton for all things vintage, so get to know your local Salvation Army owner.  As with the points that have come before this, if any sort of vintage quality can be added to any item of clothing, double down!  Vintage polos and hoodies are the best attire for looking adorably awkward.  It's the Michael Cera uniform.     
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