How to Dress Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage refers to a style that intersperses modern elements with vintage or reproduction items. Thrift store enthusiasts rejoice. This is the fashion you will be very familiar with, although may not be doing it correctly. Learn how to dress modern vintage and look positively stylish. 

  1. Choose standard, well fitting basics.  Purchase flat fronted pants, or jeans that are of the right weight and cut for your body.  It defeats the purpose of the look if you only purchase vintage pieces. The modern pieces hold the look together and keep you from falling over the edge into a retro cartoon character of yourself.  Clean white T-shirts, underwear, and socks should be the latest style; clean and brand new.
  2. Become a collector. Look for a signature piece that you particularly love, whether it is in the form of a hat, vest or odd jacket, and amass an assortment of them. These items can be incorporated into your standard wardrobe to create a modern vintage look. 
  3. Add elements of vintage whimsy. Scour thrift stores, flea markets, auctions and your Uncle Bartholomew's attic for unusual, unique items. Be on the look out for well fitting vests, interesting belt buckles, suspenders, antique watches and cuff links. The choice is yours. Modern vintage is all about an individual sense of style.
  4. Avoid matching.  This means the modern and the vintage pieces should not be exactly perfect. Contrasting patterns and even your colors are better than a Garanimals approach. The slightly off-effect is an artsy modern vintage look that inspires others to do their own thing as well. 
  5. Wear workout clothing, only to workout. Sweats, basketball shorts and the like do not mesh well with the vintage modern look. Unless of course, the retro styling you are going for is all 70's, coaches shorts, pastel track suits, Jane Fonda, Flashdance. But I sincerely hope this is not the case.
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