How To Dress Like Ne Yo

Yo, so you want to know how to dress like Ne Yo? I can understand the appeal. He certainly stands out from the masses. Slow down, show some class and sweet talk your way into a special lady's life. Start with the garments.

  1. Start a hat collection. This is a significant part of your wardrobe. Find a style that looks good on you. Try a fedora, newsboy, ski cap, or interchange different styles for a true Ne Yo look. Vintage hats, brand new hats, whatever, the key is to put one on and forget about it. Become one with the hat like Ne Yo.  
  2. Dress up. Crank up your style a notch or two. Sure you can wear a T-shirt, just make it a fitted one in a strong solid color. Charcoal grey, black, deep plum, chocolate brown, something that is a little out of the ordinary. Wear your polos the same way, fitted and tucked in just like Ne Yo.  
  3. Wear your button shirts a little slim as well. Purchase shirts this way, or have your favorites altered to taper in at the waist a little. This tiny touch makes a big difference in how the shirt comes across.
  4. Pair your fitted shirts with a vest. Suit vests make a great accompaniment. Wearing a vest also makes the hat you are wearing look more appropriate.
  5. Get comfortable with your suits. A three piece suit is the best way to emulate Ne Yo. His style is over the top with a retro flair, reminiscent of the Rat Pack: shiny snakeskin suits, narrow lapels, shawl collared jackets. Look for something that looks like it came straight from the 1960's, and you are set. 
  6. Use the details to your advantage. If a suit is not going to work on a day to day basis, but you still want to dress like Ne Yo, simplify your wardrobe. Wear pieces that are fairly unassuming on their own: fitted T-shirts, slim cut dark jeans, a vest, a hat. Keep the pieces impeccably maintained, clean and pressed and in no time you will be crooning with the best of them.
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