How To Dress Like A Nerd

Need to know how to dress like a nerd? Nerds are some of the most amazing and innovative people on our planet and most of us would like to dress like a nerd. It is unfair that they are so skilled in looking amazingly Urkle-licious. Here is a quick guide on how to dress like a nerd and look amazing too.

To dress like a nerd, you will need:

  • Big black rimmed glasses
  • Hair Gel
  • Tight Star Wars tee-shirt
  • Clip on suspenders
  • Tight high water jeans with a brown belt
  • White socks
  • Bowling shoes
  1. Hair Pull hair back if your hair is long or slick hair back with gel if your hair is short. This is important because most nerds wear their hair off of their face. It will focus the attention on your outfit which is the most important thing.
  2. Star Wars Invest in some tight Star Wars tee-shirts to dress like a nerd. Nerds are huge Star Wars fans and they like to proclaim it to the world. Wear your Star Wars tee-shirt with pride.
  3. Tight Jeans Wear tight jeans that come up to your ankle. Make sure you can barely walk and any movement you make looks awkward. Tuck your Star Wars tee-shirt inside your jeans and wear a brown belt.
  4. Socks Make sure you wear very thick white socks. The thicker the socks the better. Ask a Hooters girl to let you borrow hers.
  5. Suspenders To dress like a nerd add clip-on suspenders. The wilder the suspenders the better. Go for a Hawaiian or plaid print.
  6. Bowling shoes must be worn to dress like a nerd. Nerds love to go bowling and think these shoes are the hottest thing on the block. Steal a pair from your local bowling alley.
  7. Wear black rimmed glasses. Your look is not complete without a pair of black rimmed glasses. This is the staple accessory of any true nerd.

Tips & Warnings:

To dress like a nerd it is critical that you talk with a very high pitch squeaky voice.



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