How To Dress In New York

If you plan on visiting or living in the big apple it is necessary to know how to dress in New York. New York City is the fashion capital of the world and is home to the top high street stores, designer boutiques and fashion schools in the nation. Therefore it is necessary to dress New York appropriate. Unfortunately, wearing your high school alma mater sweatshirt is not sexy nor hot (or as the fashion crowd would say haute)!

To dress in New York, you will need:

  • High self esteem
  • Dark sunglasses
  • Black wardrobe
  1. High self esteem is essential to any man who wants to know how to dress in New York. Everyone in New York thinks they are someone or something; therefore it is of major importance to act like you own the streets that you walk on.
  2. Dark sunglasses is a must for any New Yorker. To dress in New York you must purchase the darkest shades you can find–the darker the better. There are two reasons for this–you need to remain mysterious and once again you are so important that people need to earn the privilege to view your precious face.
  3. A black wardrobe is probably the most important step for you to learn how to dress in New York. Black anything will instantly give you New York style brownie points. Black never goes out of style and it makes everyone look good, period.


Remember to take yourself seriously and give the impression that everything that you wear is effortlessly put together.

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