How To Dress Older

How to dress older is a question that many young adults ask when they are entering a work environment that they have not yet entered in their life.  Also, a change in career path can also require a more professional look and make people inquire about how to dress older.  When a person who is in their early twenties is required to go to a function for parents, it can cause them to wonder how to dress older.

  1. Give up the athletic apparel.  A Nike sweat suit is not a good choice when attending a parent-teacher conference.  This is not to say that a Nike sweat suit is not a great idea for a jog in the park.  Different situations call for different dress codes, but if someone is looking to dress older, mesh shorts or sweatpants are not a great idea.
  2. Wear professional dress shoes or loafers.  Dress shoes give a professional, older appearance, while sneakers do not.
  3. Wear dress pants or Dockers to dress older.  Sure, there is always a time and place for jeans, but if someone is looking to look older and more professional, then dress pants are a solid move.

Most of the time as it becomes necessary to dress older, a person will become more familiar with this type of situation.  After attending several events where there is a need to dress older and taking in the surroundings a few times, it will become second nature.

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