How To Dress Like Orlando Bloom

Knowing how to dress like Orlando Bloom will take a man with great fashion sense. Orlando Bloom is from Canterbury, England. He is an actor that has had a lot of great success in America, and knows how to dress very well. His style is preppy, but casual at the same time. To dress like Orlando Bloom, wear clothes that fit properly and aren’t too baggy. Orlando is tall and thin, so wearing clothes that are too big will not be the right fit. Men that want to dress like Orlando Bloom will be surprised at how easy it is to achieve.

  1. Layers. To dress like Orlando Bloom, a man will need to layer clothing. Shirts should be layered often. Wear a simple, solid cotton shirt and layer it with a V-neck shirt that has a striped pattern.
  2. Jewelry. Dress like Orlando by wearing some jewelry. Masculine jewelry that is not too bulky. Orlando is seen wearing a single gold necklace all the time. Wear a couple of small bracelets on one wrist, and on the other, wear a watch to complete the look.
  3. Sweaters. Orlando Bloom wears sweaters often. Knit or cotton sweaters that are solid in color and aren’t too big in size work best. Navy blue seems to be one of Orlando’s favorite colors in sweaters.
  4. Jackets. The jackets should be fitted and not too long in length. A simple style that has buttons and is solid in color is the style of jacket Orlando wears. Orlando loves motorcycles and has a couple of black leather zip up jackets just for riding.
  5. Shades. Don’t forget to wear shades. To dress like Orlando, wear a great pair of oversized sun glasses. He wears sun glasses often, even if it’s at night.
  6. Scarves. Dressing like Orlando can be done by wearing a knit sweater accompanied by a great scarf. Don’t wear a scarf that is too big or bulky around the neck.  A simple scarf that is light in color will be the perfect look.
  7. Cardigans. Dress like Orlando Bloom and wear a fashionable cardigan. It should have a deep v in the neck and buttons on it. Wear a simple, solid colored shirt underneath to complete the look.
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