How To Dress Up A Pair Of Jeans

Want to learn about how to dress up a pair of jeans? A pair of jeans is arguably the most important and common piece of clothing in a wardrobe. Brittanica Encyclopedia reminds us that they come all the way from the mid-19th century. Since then they have been a staple item for years and have always been in style. Since denim jeans have been around for so long, finding new ways to dress them up and stand out can be a little difficult, but following these steps will help you reinvent your classic jeans.

  1. Contrast is key. Take a look at your jeans, are they a dark or light wash? Maybe even a medium wash? Whatever it be, a sure fire way to dress your plain jeans up is to contrast the wash. If you have a dark wash mix it up with color, like adding a yellow polo, or a blue cardigan, for example. Likewise if you're planning on wearing a lighter wash of jeans, pair it up with a black v-neck sweater, or a purple dress shirt. The contrast is eye-catching and pleasing. They not only help your shirt stand out, but your jeans as well.
  2. Make it shiny. When buying jeans, look for a pair that has embellishments, like studs or rhinestones. Keep it mind not to over do it though–you don't want to look like a rockstar. Stick to a pair with a bit of bling along the pockets or maybe even a pair with some frayed edges, or ones with a "splattered-paint" effect. Jeans with extra detailing help them stand out on their own, so you can have the option to wear something more plain or casual on the top.
  3. Remember if you're going to a more formal event, maybe a dance or a dinner, keep it simple. Start with a dark wash pair of jeans, and add to it with a crisp white t-shirt or dress shirt and a blazer. This acts like a blank canvas and allows you to add whatever else you want to the look–a tie, a chain or a vest, for example. The basic look will look classic and put together.

Wear shoes appropriate for the occasion. If you're attending a dinner, try sleek, black dress shoes, or if you're going out to a game, crisp white runners would only enhance the look of your jeans.



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