How To Dress For A Party

Are you going out but are unsure of how to dress for a party? Look your best by taking cues from your well-dressed friends or consulting a fashion magazine. Even if you're the worst dresser in the world, you can still dress well for a party by keeping things simple.

  1. Find out what type of party you'll be attending. Pick your outfit based on the party. If it's a picnic, you'll look pretty silly if you dress in a three-piece suit. If it's a more formal affair, showing up dressed in a pair of jeans will be pretty embarrassing.
  2. Dress in jeans and a fitted shirt for a casual party. Choose jeans that fit you well and don't have any rips or tears in them. If you want a break from jeans, wear a pair of khakis. Go for a pair with a flat front—no pleats. You can wear a nicely fitted plain T-shirt or a sleek button-up shirt to a less formal party. A solid color polo shirt is another good choice. If it's cold out, bring a light sweater or stylish blazer along with you.
  3. Wear swim trunks to a pool or beach party. Make sure your swimming shorts are long enough without being too long. It's generally a good idea to wear knee-length shorts.
  4. Wear a suit to a dinner or cocktail party. You should wear your jacket until the party's host takes his off.
  5. Dress in a creative costume for a Halloween or costume party. Get creative and try to avoid showing up in the same costume everyone else will be in.
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