How To Dress Like A Pimp

Pimping is not easy, but learning how to dress like a pimp is a piece of cake. First, you must have style in your pimp attire if you want to separate yourself from your fellow businessmen.  If you are dressing up for costume party, pay attention to the things to wear for that special occasion.

To dress like a pimp, you will need:

  • A pimp suit
  • Shoes
  • Lots of jewelry
  • A pimp cane
  • Pimp hat
  • Cologne
  1. Suit. To dress like a pimp, your entire suits reflect your fashion so choose one wisely. Striped or bright color suits such as blue, yellow, orange, or green work perfectly for a pimp suit, aside from the classic purple color most pimps seem to favor.
  2. Shirt. To match your suit color, wear a striped or silk shirt. If you want to be a cool and sexy type pimp, leave a couple buttons unclosed to expose your chest. Make sure you have some hair on your chest to for the classic 70’s pimp look.
  3. Hat. The hat must match your suit color but it must not be any type of hat. Preferably, a fedora or wide brim hat, along with a feather on the front of the hat. For a more stylish look, tip your hat slightly on the side and bring it down closely to your eyes.
  4. Shoes.  For an outrageous look, buy platform shoes to wear with your pimp suit; it is an optional to have water with a fish inside of the heels for a dramatic appearance. If the heels will be too uncomfortable, buy alligator shoes for a more high-class pimp look.
  5. Accessories. How can a man dress completely like a pimp without accessories? It brings out your entire pimp outfit, so wear huge gold chains around the neck and a gold ring on each finger and people will see the bling before you even enter the room. Also, have a pimp cane to strut your walk wherever you go. Do not forget the honorary gold pimp cup to carry around in one hand while having your woman in the other.
  6. Cologne. While there is no such thing as a stinky smelling pimp, but a pimp should not smell plain. Wear your best cologne and dab it a little on your neck because to look, feel and smell good.
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