How To Dress Like A Pirate

How to dress like a pirate will be very easy to do. Whether a person is trying to make a fashion statement or going to a costume party, dressing like a pirate is entertaining. Best of all, this look won’t break the bank. To get the captain Jack Sparrow look, follow a couple of simple tips and soon, you will be looking like a pirate.

To dress like a pirate, you will need:

  • Bandana
  • Hat
  • Eye patch
  • Mustache
  • Long hair
  • Jewelry
  • Goatee
  • Baggy worn clothing
  • Tattoos


  1. Bandana. Wearing a bandana is essential when dressing like a pirate. They are inexpensive and easy to put on. The bandana should be worn even if a person is going to be wearing a hat.
  2. Hat. Not any old hat will do. A person must find a tri-cornered hat that is black or brown in color. This hat could be found at a costume shop or a party store that carries costumes. Wear the hat over the bandana.
  3. Eye patch. You simply can’t dress like a pirate without an eye patch. Any costume store should have an eye patch for purchase. Looking online at costume stores is a good idea if you can’t find it in local stores. The eye patch should be black.
  4. Mustache. If you don’t have a mustache, you can buy a fake one. Every good pirate will have a mustache. If the mustache is fake, make sure it matches the color of your hair.
  5. Long hair. To dress like a pirate, you must be able to rock long hair. Having dreadlocks is even better. Hair should look messy and uncombed.
  6. Jewelry. Dressing like a pirate will require a person to wear big chunky jewelry. Find jewelry that is made of leather, metal and emeralds. Wear skull rings that are large in size.
  7. Sport a goatee. Facial hair is important when trying to achieve the tough pirate look. A goatee that is long and scraggly is perfect. Fake goatee can be purchased and worn if a person doesn’t have facial hair.
  8. Baggy worn clothing. To dress like pirate, wear big loose clothing that is oversized. They should be worn looking. The pants should be dark in color and the shirt should be white and open in the front to show the chest. Wear a dark long jacket to complete the look.
  9. Tattoos. Having tattoos will be essential when dressing like a pirate. Cross bones, skulls and naked women are some of the most popular tattoos. Anything that will make you look tougher is better.
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