How To Dress Like A Punk Rocker

You are going to a 70's/80's party and want to know how to dress like a punk rocker. Punk fashion and music began in the 1970's and became an interesting style that has influenced modern movements. Having the right apparel, right hair style, and right  vibe will help you to dress like a punk rocker. To dress like a punk rocker you have to be open to everything and not afraid of anything.

To dress like a punk rocker you need:

  • pants and T-shirt
  • leather jacket or vest
  • combat boots or high-top Converse sneakers
  • hair dye
  • accessories (i.e. spikes, chains)
  1. Find some punk rocker clothes. If needed, you can go to a thrift store. Look for punk rocker clothing items like punk band  T-shirts, leather jackets, leather pants, or slim fitting jeans. Lots of black is good.
  2. Find some good accessories. Look for accessories that are outside of the norm. Shop for punk rocker accessories, like spiked collars, studded belts, chain necklaces, converse or black combat boot, and any other items with zippers and buckles that look retro.
  3. Personalize your outfit. Make rips, tears, or cut holes and interesting patterns to your punk rocker clothes. Add metal studs, safety pins, chains, or sew patches of your favorite bands to your jacket or vest. Add additional accessories such as dog collars, studded leather belts, leather and lots of colors to your punk rocker clothes.
  4. Your hair style is important. Pretty much anything goes when you dress like a punk rocker. Mohawks, and Spikes are popular punk hair styles. Have long bangs going to one side with short hair, shaved hair, asymmetrical cuts ,or just do whatever you like. Dye or spray paint your hair a bright color or several bright colors such as, pink, blue orange, or green. Make you hair color unnatural as possible.
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