How To Dress Like The Rat Pack

Who wouldn't want to know how to dress like the Rat Pack? This original "in" crowd group of friends consisted of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop with Humphrey Bogart, as their public relations master, leading the way. The Rat Pack sang, danced, acted, and all the while, oozed style. 

  1. Dress like a gentleman. The Hollywood glamour the Rat Pack exuded continues to inspire. Each member of this elite group had their own particular take on dressing like a gentleman. Overall the look worked both separately and together.
  2. Wear your trousers pencil thin like Sammy Davis Jr.  This is easier to pull off if you are naturally built like this talented man. If you are not, straight-legged, well fitting slacks will do. 
  3. Look for a sharkskin suit. These are getting harder to find in good condition. This 1960's classic suit had a slight sheen to it that makes it instantly recognizable. 
  4. Have your dress shirts fitted. This is a hallmark style of the Rat Pack. Wearing a baggy button down will not do. In order to pull off this look successfully you need to wear slim fitting shirts that look as though they were made for you, which, of course, they will be once you have them tailored. Choose special details on your shirts such as French cuffs, pleated fronts or personalized embroidery should be worn with the same cool sense of personal style as the members of the Rat Pack.
  5. Tie on a skinny tie. These ties certainly defined the era. A skinny black silk tie or a classic retro designed fabric can transport you to another era.
  6. Learn to fold a pocket square. A tiny bit of silky fabric tucked into the pocket of your suit jacket is a gentleman's look. There are several ways to fold a pocket square, just be sure to have one for that extra shot of high class glamour.   
  7. Top it all off with a hat. A classic fedora has to be worn with your head held high. If you are new to hat wearing, remember that you need to wear the hat, do not let the hat wear you. A hat is merely an accessory, do not let it overshadow your personality. Find one that fits properly and that suits your particular tastes.
  8. Dress the look down by wearing an undone bow tie. Take a cue from the original movie Ocean's Eleven and slightly relax the high standards to make the look your own. A dark pair of straight leg denim jeans with a signature tuxedo shirt and shawl collar jacket will look Rat Pack with or without the undone bow tie or fedora, but don't forget the pocket square. 
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