How To Dress Rockabilly For Men

If you are a fan of  Elvis, Brian Setzer and Johnny Cash, you might want to learn how to dress rockabilly for men. Whether you want to dress rockabilly because you enjoy living the rockabilly lifestyle, or if you are going to a concert or party, these next steps will have you dressing like a Stray Cat in no time. Because dressing rockabilly is a part of that type of lifestyle, you want to make sure you look authentic enough to pull off the look.

Things you will need to dress rockabilly for men include:

  • Thrift store visit
  • Vintage shirts
  • White tee shirts
  • Blue jeans
  • Converse all-star gym shoes
  • White bobby socks
  1. Shop at thrift stores or vintage stores when you want to dress rockabilly. Many vintage clothing stores carry styles from the rockabilly age of the 1940s and 1950s. While scouring the racks, look for old bowling shirts or vintage, two-toned shirts.
  2. Wear your bowling or vintage shirts unbuttoned, and for an even better look, wear a white T-shirt underneath. In addition, when you dress rockabilly for men, having your name or nickname professionally stitched on some of your shirts can add an authentic touch.
  3. The right shoes will make your ensemble rock. A great shoe to complete your look is the Converse All-Star. Don't forget to wear you white bobby socks with them either.
  4. As you put together your rockabilly look, make sure you choose a pair of loose fitting blue jeans. Cuffing the bottoms up to the ankle will call attention to  your rockabilly style shoes and socks.
  5. For a more casual rockabilly look, wear a plain white T-shirt when you want to dress rockabilly. Make sure the tee shirt fits tighter than the ones you would normally wear because this was how they were worn, back in the day.
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