How To Dress Rockabilly

Going to a party and need to know how to dress rockabilly? Rockabilly is all about achieving a classic 1950s style through retro accessories and cool designs. Even if you’ve never heard the term before, this guide can show you how to dress in true rockabilly fashion. You can easily find all types of clothing online and there are a number of stores that specialize particularly in rockabilly apparel. If you’re short on dough, you can also hit up your local thrift store to find many of these items.

Things you'll need:

  • Access to thrift stores
  • Computer with internet access
  1. Find the right shirt. You’ll definitely want to snag a bowling shirt if you’re dressing rockabilly (think Charlie Sheen or the film "Swingers"). Look for shirts with customized buttons to make your outfit even more unique; stores often sell shirts with flames or buttons the shape of dice. The colors on the shirt usually consist of striped red, black, white and blue.
  2. Put on some pants. If you have a unique shirt, which is the most important part of the wardrobe, you can save a little money on the pants and opt for regular black or navy blue pants (try Dickies brand pants) or just wear dark jeans. The key to making a statement is through your belt. To dress rockabilly you’ll want a customized belt with flames, skulls, dice, barbs or whatever suits your fancy. Also, make sure to cuff your pants and let a little white socks show.
  3. A hat takes you from cool to cool cat. Go for a felt bowler-type hat (the kind with a colored band around the rim) if you want to dress rockabilly. Be sure to wear it at a tilt. If you’re a smoker, stick a cigarette in the hat band for an iconic rockabilly look.
  4. Don’t forget the shoes. For a retro rockabilly outfit that sticks to tradition, you’ll need some black and white Wing Tips, which scream 1950s. If the economy has gotten you down, you can just opt for a pair of Converses.
  5. You’ll need a finishing touch. A girl on your arm will do the trick, of course. Rockabilly women with their curve-hugging dresses and retro glam are probably the real reason you’re dressing like a rockabilly to begin with. If you can’t arrive at your rockabilly party with a girl, at least try to leave with one.
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