How To Dress With the Rockstar Fashion for Men

So you wanna be a rock star? Learn how to dress with the rockstar fashion for men.  Regardless if you are in a band or not, the rockstar look can be pulled off if you have the right attitude. That is by far the most important fashion tip for this look, everything else is just karaoke.

  1. Start with the jeans. Well worn denim jeans, or industrial faded, and should fit the rockstar man to a T.  Skinny jeans are a definite rockstar look, but not for every man. Beat up jeans in any cut also work well.
  2. Add the iconic black leather jacket. Look for a straight forward motorcycle jacket. Check thrift stores and vintage clothing shops before considering a new piece. The more beat up looking, the better.
  3. Think black. Black is historically, the rockstar color of choice. Black T-shirts are a rockstar fashion staple. 
  4. Rock the nerdy look, or the vintage look, or the artsy look. Find a signature piece that is yours and yours alone. Suggestions include a killer fedora, a weird tie, checkered button down, or even a bowling shirt. Whatever you choose it should be something that you love, since it will be a part of your day to day rockstar look.
  5. Just add metal. Break up the all black, or throw some irony into the nerdy look with a studded belt. A tough belt is very rockstar, look for an vintage version or even self embellished.
  6. Throw on a pair of chunky black motorcycle boots. Beat up converse can also pass the rockstar fashion code. Inserting a bit of irony into the look is entirely allowed, you are, in fact, a rebel. Find a pair of old man shoes at a thrift store and wear them with attitude.
  7. Get thee to the tattoo parlour. Skin ink is classic rockstar. Any amount of skin ink will do, but choose your design carefully, a rainbow or unicorn image will not work.
  8. Shade those peepers. Having a pair of dark sunglasses at the ready, day or night, is key to pulling off the rockstar look. Wearing them at night is acceptable, just refrain from actually singing, "I wear my sunglasses at night", please. 
  9. Stop primping. Let your hair do, what your hair is going to do. Grow it long. Leave it alone. Let the scruffy 5 o'clock shadow grow. Avoid looking like you care at all costs.
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