How To Dress Like A Scene Kid

Do you need to learn how to dress like a scene kid to impress that special someone? If that person is you or you just want to dress like a scene kid print out this article. Then head over to your mom and dad to bum a ride to the mall. Once there pull out this guide on how to dress like a scene kid and get started.

  1. Head over to your nearest department store and look for skinny jeans. The skinnier the jeans the better. Once you have found your skinny jeans pay for them and head over to the nearest shoe store.
  2. The second step to learning how to dress like a scene kid is to head over to the shoe store. Look for the classic black tops buy then and head to a clothing store.
  3. Once at the clothing store look for band t-shirts. Make sure the t-shirt is back. It does not matter if you like the band or even heard of it just make sure it goes with your skinny jeans. Once you have purchased that head over to the salon.
  4. The fourth and final step to dressing like a scene kid is to buy hair spray and gel. Guys go home and spike your hair or straighten it and girls just straighten your hair. Congratulations you now know how to dress like a scene kid.

Tips: If you would like to look even more like a scene apply eye liner. Make sure it is black eye liner and you should also know that it is not only girls that do this guys also wear black eye liner. Again this is an option.

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