How To Dress Stylish For Cheap

Some of the best dressed people in the world know how to dress stylish for cheap. Paying through the nose is not always the best way to get great clothing. The word is vintage. Sometimes the best clothing is old. Good wool clothing, beautiful woven cottons and beautiful silks all cost too much. There are so many ways to dress stylish for cheap.

You may need:

  • Sneakers for walking
  • Sun Glasses to be incognito
  • A love for finding the extraordinary


  1. Catch everything on sale. Many times, thing are marked down at least three times before they leave a sales floor. Certain clothes can be too small or too large to sell readily. Some items have been tried on and may have a slight thread pulled. This may be barely noticeable but look for it. The store will usually discount it.
  2. Buy in the off season. One great way to dress stylish for cheap is to buy things out of season. Certain fashions will roll back around and if you really like the item,, make it stylish. More than likely if you enjoy dressing up with it, someone else will follow suit.
  3. Shop at the second hand stores. Second hand stores are fantastic ways of dressing cheap and looking fabulous. People who can really afford to change wardrobes each season give these items to second hand shops. Visit these stores on regular intervals; be surprised.
  4. Sew. A great way to have things brand new and get the creative muscles moving is to sew. Pick the fabric weight, color and texture of material and get to work. If it is preferred that sewing be done by another party, there are seamstress out there that are gifted enough to copy any outfit drawn on paper or pictured in a magazine.
  5. Barter. This is one of the oldest forms of trade, but it still works. Swap clothing with friends. Have a swapping clothes party. Invite the person with that great jacket that is out of financial reach; perhaps they are tired of it.
  6. Recycle clothing. Take old outfits and change the buttons and belts. With old hats, work new scarves into them. Use dye and change the color of blouses and shirts. Use cloth paint to draw beautiful designs or sew monograms.
  7. Estate sales. People have estate sales all of the time. Keep in mind that the clothing and other items were once items that someone cared about, and some very nice items will probably be found.
  8. Castoffs. The castoffs of the rich and famous may include shoes that have only touched the pavement once, possibly twice but not likely. This is an absolutely fantastic way to get gorgeous, but cheap, outfits.
  9. Knock off brands. These are copies of the real thing. They are sold all over the world. They will not touch the real deal, but they can be fun to wear. Anyway, while on a night out, no one is going to look that closely.
  10. Shop at outlet stores. Many name brand stores have outlet stores. Perhaps something did not pass inspection but it was too nice to throw away; sizes may be a little off so be careful. This is still a great way to dress stylish for cheap.


Finding great outfits for little or no money is fun. When the merchandise is of good quality, it is very rewarding. Take the time to recognize silks and other great fabrics, then, how to dress stylish for cheap will take on great meaning.

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