How To Dress Up A T Shirt

Many men do not know how to dress up a T-shirt. Most people out there believe that a T-shirt can only be worn one way,casually. This is not the case. A T-shirt can be an extremely versatile piece of a man's wardrobe, if they know how to style it in different ways. The following are a few ways to dress up your T-shirt.

  1. Wear your T-shirt under a blazer. Blazers are one of the most sophisticated pieces of clothing in a man's wardrobe. They exude all sorts of style.  Therefore, they can instantly make an outfit dressier. Wear the T-shirt and the blazer with jeans or corduroy pants to complete the look. Also, for this look, you should probably stick to a solid color T-shirt. That way your outfit will not appear too busy.
  2. Wear your T-shirt under a vest.  If you think a blazer will be too much for your outfit, try a vest. This is a funkier alternative, and will be great for those hot spring and summer months.  Again, keep the T-shirt neutral, especially if the vest is a loud color or has some sort of pattern. This look can also be worn with jeans, corduroy pants, or even dress pants, too really dress it up. For another addition, pair a fedora or a newsboy cap with the T-shirt and vest.
  3. Wear your T-shirt under a cardigan. This look is similar to the blazer and the vest look. A cardigan is a classic, preppy accent to any T-shirt, and looks great with any sort of pants, making it very versatile. This outfit can be both casual and dressy, especially depending on which accessories and which pants you wear it with.
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