How To Dress Like Vampire Weekend

Many music fans have become interested in how to dress like Vampire Weekend since the band hit the scene in 2008. The stylish New York group behind the hits "Oxford Comma" and "Cousins" has earned both praise and criticism for both its world-influenced music and its preppy style of dress. Learning how to dress like Vampire Weekend requires only a few key elements.

  1. The shirts.  Find a photo gallery on the band’s website or from your favorite music site. Observe the band’s style of dress, which is heavy on preppy clothes like sweaters, long-sleeve button-down shirts, and the occasional suit jacket with a t-shirt underneath, but never a tie!
  2. The pants. Those who want to dress like Vampire Weekend should stick with comfortable-fitting jeans or corduroys. You can find pants like these pretty much anywhere you look, from thrift stores to mall outlets.
  3. The shoes. Vampire Weekend combines a smart, sophisticated look with a relaxed, dressed-down slacker attitude. This is reflected in their choice of shoes, which include loafers, slip-ons, and casual sneakers.
  4. The haircut. If you want to take dressing like Vampire Weekend to the next level, you’ll want a haircut to match the band. Keep it short, simple, and just slightly messy to add that rock star touch.
  5. Be comfortable in your clothes. People can tell if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing. Once you put the clothes on, be confident and give off some of that rock star attitude. These simple steps will allow you to dress like Vampire Weekend.
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