How To Dress Like A Vampire

If you’re wondering how to dress like a vampire, look no further. It’s fairly easy to transform yourself from a mere mortal into a bloodsucking night creature. by dressing like a vampire There are two different vampire looks in vogue right now: the classic vampire look (think “Dracula”) and the modern vampire (think “Twilight” or “True Blood”). Pick the type of vampire you want to dress like and follow the steps below if you want to wow people at your next costume party.

To dress like a classic vampire, you will need:

  • White face paint
  • Fake blood capsules
  • Black eyeliner
  • Hair gel
  • Plastic fangs
  • Black slacks
  • White button up shirt
  • Black or red cape
  1. First, dress the part of a classic vampire. Pair black dress pants with a white button up shirt. The frillier, the better, since you want to look like a 19th century vampire count. The key costume accessory is your cape, which can be either red or black. Make sure to drape it over your face from time to time and sneak up on people throughout the party.
  2. Put on ghastly vampire makeup. To become the perfect classic vampire, you’ll want to make yourself extremely pale by applying white face paint on your face and neck. Fit in your plastic fangs to look frightening. Don’t forget to smear a bit of a blood capsule over your lips, so it looks like you just drank. You can also carry some extra capsules in your cape and surprise people by biting down on one until blood oozes down your mouth.
  3. Get the hair right. To achieve the correct hairstyle of a classic vampire, you will need to gel your hair straight back. With a thick black eyeliner pencil, draw a triangular widow’s peak on the top of your forehead.

To dress as a modern vampire, you will need:

  • White face paint
  • Blood capsules
  • Plastic fangs
  • Tight shirt
  • Leather pants or jeans
  • Leather jacket or trench coat
  1. Put your vampire makeup on. Apply white face paint, your plastic fangs, and drip a blood capsule down your mouth. Instead of slicking back your hair like the classic vampire, try spiking it for a more modern, rocker look.
  2. Get your vampire gear on. To dress like a modern vampire from “True Blood” or “Vampire Diaries,” wear a tight shirt that shows off your muscles. Tear it up a bit, and you can tell girls that you won a recent fight with a werewolf. Pair the shirt with tight jeans or leather pants if you’re more daring. Top the outfit off with a leather jacket or long black trench coat.
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