How To Dress With A Vest

Need to know how to dress with a vest? Vests are a great choice for indoor and outdoor dress. Outdoor vests are worn in place of a coat with a long-sleeve shirt or sweater and will give a casual appearance. Read on if you are looking for ways to get the most out of your vests.

  1. Leather vests are very versatile. If you own a leather vest, consider where you are going to be wearing the vest. Leather vests can be worn with T-shirts and jeans for a casual appearance. A leather vest can be worn with leather pants or chaps with jeans for a great casual look that works well with a dress shirt or long-sleeve shirt. This same vest can be a dress vest when worn with dress pants and a collared dress shirt.
  2. Knit vests are worn for a casual dress appearance. These vests come in pull-over and buttoned varieties. If you want to wear a knit vest, consider a dress shirt and casual dress pants or denim. Wearing a tie or a bow tie with this ensemble will work for a nicer occasion.
  3. Dress vests can help you dress for a formal event. Dress vests are worn with a suit, tuxedo or a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. Add a pocket watch for a classic look.
  4. Outdoor vests are worn with a long-sleeve shirt. Outdoor vests are used for outdoor work and sports. Outdoor vests should be worn with denim or other work pants and a long sleeve shirt or sweater. Hoodies are sometimes layered underneath for additional weather protection.
  5. Vests with designs or shiny fabric, such as silk or satin, work best with solid-colored dress pants. If you are wondering how to dress up a paisley vest, choose a solid-colored matching shirt and tie or bow tie.
  6. A vest in a vibrant color can be difficult to dress with. Try a white dress shirt with black dress pants. If using a tie, the tie should match the vest or the black pants.
  7. Denim vests are a casual style of vest. Pair a denim vest with denim or leather pants. Casual or dress boots work well with this look.



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