How To Dress Up A White T-Shirt

Knowing how to dress up a white t-shirt will help expand your wardrobe. A white t-shirt is most commonly thought of as just being an undershirt. However, your plain white t-shirt can also be worn for a night out on the town. Since a white t-shirt is a staple of any wardrobe, it's a good idea to know how to pair it up with the clothes you already own. There are several ways you can go about dressing up a white t-shirt.

  1. Wear it under a blazer or sports jacket. Any color will do. That is the beauty of a white t-shirt–it goes with almost anything. Pairing your t-shirt with a blazer or sports jacket will definitely give you a much dressier look.
  2. Another way to dress up a white t-shirt is to pair it with dark denim jeans and a pair of black dress shoes. If you don't have black shoes, any color will do. You can also add a black belt to complete the look. This look is more casual, but is still a dressier version of the plain white t-shirt.
  3. Pairing your white t-shirt with a vest is also a nice way to achieve a dressier look. The sweater vest you play golf in will do the trick. Any other dress vest you have in your closet will also go fine with your white t-shirt.
  4. You can also pair your white t-shirt with a nice pair of shorts. Whether they are a solid color or plaid, nice shorts will help dress up your t-shirt. Khakis are great, but denim is out. Pairing with cut off shorts will not do your white t-shirt any justice.


Since your white t-shirt is going to be worn alone in the majority of these outfits, make sure that you buy a quality made t-shirt. You don't want a t-shirt that is going to fall apart after you wear it a few times. You also don't want a cheap t-shirt that you can see through. It will defeat the whole purpose of trying to get a dressier look.

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