How To Dress Like Will Smith

How to dress like Will Smith will require a man with good taste and sense of style. Will Smith knows how to dress to impress. Always looking fly in whatever he wears, and oozing self-confidence. Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. He started his career as a rapper and found a passion for acting. He is one of the most successful men in Hollywood today.

  1. Jeans. Got to have a great pair of jeans. They should be stylish and not to baggy. Will Smith is wearing blue jeans often with a great button up shirt, or a casual v neck shirt.
  2. Hats. Dressing like Will Smith will require you to sport a hat. Will Smith likes simple ball caps with casual wear, and a knit cap for the evening with dresser attire.
  3. Layers. Dressing like Will Smith can be done by layering your clothing. Will likes preppy casual wear that is layered. Casual shirts should be left untucked and unbuttoned with a simple solid colored shirt underneath.
  4. Jackets and blazers. Dress like Will by pimping a great jacket, or blazer. Often Will Smith wears jackets or blazers that are fitted, and wears a button up collared shirt with a tie. Looking pulled together and stylish comes very easy to Will Smith. Sometimes he wears a vest instead of a jacket with matching slacks.
  5. Earrings. To dress like Will Smith a man must wear diamond stud earrings. Will Smith is always seen wearing his diamond stud earrings day, or night. Just don’t overdo it with too much jewelry. When it comes to jewelry Will Smith doesn’t wear much. Earrings, his wedding ring, and a great watch will complete the look.
  6. Belts. Wear belts that match your shoes or jacket. Dressing like Will Smith can’t happen unless you look pulled together and match from head to toe. Accessories like a great belt will help you achieve this look.
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