How To Dress For Work At A Law Firm

Whether you are a lawyer or a legal secretary, it's important that you know how to dress for work at a law firm. People expect lawyers — and anyone who works in a law office — to have a professional and sophisticated appearance. This means you need to be professionally dressed at all times. If you are new to the law field, it can be difficult to get your new look correct. It's important to purchase the basic clothes staples to begin to build your professional wardrobe.

In order to dress for work at a law firm you will need:

  • Tailored suit jackets
  • Fitted dress pants
  • Button-up dress shirts for men
  • Stylish camisole for women
  • Dress shoes 
  • Accessories
  1. Purchase suit jackets, pants and/or skirts. While it's important to have a variety of outfits to dress for work at a law firm, when you first get your job, stick to purchasing neutral colors. Suit jackets should be tailored to fit your body so you have a more clean-cut appearance. Pants need to be hemmed to the correct length so they don't drag when you walk or show your socks. If you are a woman that prefers skirts, you need to purchase skirts that hit just below knee; skirts that taper at the bottom tend to flatter most body shapes, and give you a more put-together look than a straight skirt.
  2. Purchase dress shirt or camisole. Men need to purchase button-up dress shirts with a collar to wear under their suit jacket. For women, a camisole tends to work best. Not only do camisoles have a closer fit to your body, they tend to be more comfortable to wear under a suit jacket. For your first purchases stick to neutral colors, like beige, white, black, grey and navy.
  3. Purchase dress shoes. Dress shoes should look nice, but also need to be comfortable. Walk around the shoe store a bit when try the shoes on to make sure you can stand wearing them all day. You need to have a pair of shoes to match each suit you purchase.
  4. Purchase the right accessories. When you dress for work at a law firm, keep your accessories to a minimum. Women should stick to metals, gold silver or titanium necklaces and stud earrings. Diamonds are appropriate for stud earrings, small necklace charms and rings. Men should refrain from jewelry, except watches and wedding bands, but need a tie, tie clips and cuff links.
  5. Organize clothes by outfit. It makes it easier to dress for work at a law firm if you organize your professional attire by outfit. Hang your suit jackets and pant and/or skirts in pairs. Organize your shoes and accessories so you know which items go with which outfit. 
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