How To Dress For A Yacht Party

Getting invited is a big deal, so you should know how to dress for a yacht party. These are usually high profile events where everyone looks chic and suave. Generally, these parties are held in warmer months, which is why you should dress accordingly. A yacht party is especially hard to dress up for, as you need to look casual and sophisticated at the same time.

To dress for a yacht party, you will need

  • Polo or Lacoste shirt
  • Khaki Pants or Shorts
  • Flip Flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Accessories (such as belts, hats and sunglasses)
  • A cashmere sweater or windbreaker
  • A wristwatch
  1. If the party is taking place in sunlight, always bring along a bottle of sunscreen. Before donning your yacht wear, apply sunscreen liberally, all over your exposed body parts. As most people dress down for yacht parties, the chance of getting a sunburn is very high.
  2. For a top, you should opt for a polo or Lactose t-shirt. This is both casual and stylish. An alternative is wearing a white dress shirt, whose sleeves can be rolled up and whose buttons can be left open. Of course, if you are overweight or aren't comfortable enough leaving the buttons open, you can keep them closed.
  3. For a bottom, most people opt for a pair of khaki shorts or pants. The shorts or pants should be well ironed, and should be held up with a large brown belt.
  4. Most yachts have a no-shoes policy, which is why a pair of flip flops (preferably rubber) is essential. Most stores sell fancy flip-flops that should compliment your look nicely.
  5. As accessories, you can don a pair of black aviator sunglasses, which keep the sun out while keeping you looking suave and a hat (cowboy or plain white p-cap). A fancy looking wristwatch can also complete the look.
  6. You should always bring a cashmere sweater of windbreaker with you. The weather around the sea is quite unpredictable, which is why you wouldn't want to spend the entire party shivering if it drops by a few degrees.
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