How To Dress On A Yacht

If you don't spend much time on them, it can be confusing to know how to dress on a yacht. Generally, it will be different than how you would dress on a regular boat. Yacht's tend to be reserved for a higher class of people. Also, it is common for weddings and other soirees to be held on yachts. When you think about how to dress on a yacht, the image tends to be of preppy's wearing deck shoes. Consider going with a preppy look, but you can vary it a bit, depending on the occasion and your own personal style.

  1. Wear khaki pants on a yacht. They are neutral and can be paired with just about any type of shirt and shoes. Make sure that they are a bit loose and cuffed at the bottom.
  2. Add a polo shirt. This is a preppy and casual look for yacht-wear. As polo shirts have collars, they will adhere to just about any dress code.
  3. Another option for a shirt is a button-down shirt. Any type of button-down shirt is appropriate. Wear a crisp white button-down shirt. Leave it un-tucked.
  4. Add some Sperry topsiders. These are the quintessential boat shoes. They come in different colors, such as white, brown, tan and dark blue.
  5. Wear a brown belt on a yacht. It will pull your outfit together. Choose a woven belt or a thin, leather belt. A soft brown is neutral and looks good with the clothes that you will be wearing.


  • Make sure that your clothes are freshly ironed with no wrinkles.
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