How To Dress Like Zac Efron

Want to know how to dress like Zac Efron? Dressing like Zac will be easy if you're a trend setter. Dressing like Zac should be fun and fashion-forward. He has quite the female following and dresses to impress when he’s out on the town. It’s no wonder men want to know how to dress like him.

  1. Hair You must make the hairdo a priority. Zac’s hair is trendy and is starting to become a popular stylea among guys. To achieve the same hairdo, grow hair mid-length. Have long bangs that are styled to the side. Use hairspray to hold to hair in place. It should look feathered and swept to the side.
  2. Hats Wear hats that are trendy. Sometimes Zac Efron will wear a knit beanie and leave some hair peeking from the front.
  3. Jeans Dress like Zac Efron by wearing jeans that are snug and long. Wear jeans that are black or gray.
  4. Glasses How can you be a teen heartthrob without sporting a trendy pair of sun glasses? Wear a large pair of shades.
  5. Suits Zac wears stylish, trendy suits. He will pair suits with a simple of pair of sneakers to keep the outfit looking young and hip. Wear suits that are grey or black. Finish the look with a skinny black tie.
  6. Hoodies For a casual look, Zac Efron will dress in hooded jackets. The jackets will be a cotton fabric and zip in the front. The jackets are usually dark in color and worn with a pair of jeans and a comfortable cotton shirt.
  7. Sneakers Zac makes a great fashion statement with whatever he wears. Wear sneakers with every outfit. Zac will wear red, black, or white sneakers with white shoelaces. Even with a dressy outfit he will wear a trendy pair of fashionable sneakers.
  8. Shirts Wear shirts that are buttoned up with a collar. Don’t tuck your shirt into pants. Find colorful shirts that have simple, striped patterns. Zac often wears blue to bring out his blue eyes.
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