How to Dribble a Basketball Fast

Learning how to dribble a basketball fast is easy. Becoming a fast dribbler requires that you learn new techniques and devote yourself to practicing. Here are some ways to help you become the fastest dribbler on the court.


  1. Spend more time dribbling the basketball. One of the best ways to get better at something is to do it more often. To dribble a basketball faster, you should spend more time dribbling on the court or wherever is available to you. This will help you become more comfortable with the feel of a basketball.
  2. When you are unable to dribble a basketball, work out with a tennis ball or a rubber bouncing ball. These are great for improving your hand-eye coordination as they force you to adjust quickly to keep a good dribble going. Dribbling a basketball afterward will feel easy in comparison.
  3. Practice dribbling with your off-hand. Humans have a natural tendency to favor one hand over another when doing activities. In basketball, dribbling fast depends on the player's ability to use their "other" hand effectively. Force yourself to dribble with your weaker side so you can master dribbling fast with either hand.
  4. Learn new dribbling drills from your coaches, books or the internet. If you want to dribble a basketball fast, you will need to experience different drills. Challenging yourself in different ways with new dribbling activities will prepare you better for game action.

The key to learning how to dribble a basketball fast is to practice dribbling more often, using new drills and techniques. Information is a small part of learning; the effort you give to dribbling a basketball faster must match your desire in order to see real improvement.

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