How to Dribble a Basketball While Running

Learning how to dribble a basketball while running is essential in playing the game. You will need to know how to dribble a basketball while running on fast breaks, making offensive moves, and other instances. Take the following into consideration for dribbling a basketball while running.

You will need:

  • A basketball
  • Comfortable basketball shoes
  1. You will need to be good at dribbling at any speed. First, you need to be good dribbling a basketball at slow speeds. Make sure you can dribble well with both hands. Work on your basic dribbling skills before you turn on the speed.
  2. Gradually increase speed. Gradually increase the speed in which you dribble the basketball. The primary adjustment you will need to make is "pushing" the ball a bit forward according to your speed. Obviously, you will need to push the ball more in your dribble as you run faster.
  3. Emphasize control, not speed. While you have to gain speed while dribbling the basketball, it is not the most important consideration. You need to make sure you have control over the basketball. In fact, speed while dribbling the basketball will come when you are able to control the ball.
  4. Practice moves while increasing speed. You will, of course, need to spend time working on dribbling while running; try to practice on a regular basis. Also work on dribbling moves at high and low speeds as well, such as the crossover and spin. This will make you a more proficient ball handler.
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