How To Drift In GTA San Andreas

If you are wondering how to drift in GTA San Andreas you are in luck because the game's physics engine works well enough to accommodate this fun maneuver.  Drifting is a dangerous sport that has drivers pushing their engines and tires to the limit as they slide through corners sideways while maintaining control. It is not something you should run out and try to do in your Ford Festiva, but it is really fun to do in virtual environments like "GTA San Andreas." For one thing, you can always reset the game, but if you total your car, you are pretty much boned. To drift in "GTA San Andreas," you will need:

  • A copy of "GTA San Andreas" for either the PC or Playstation 2
  • A rear wheel drive vehicle
  1. Get into a car and drive. To drift in "GTA San Andreas," the first step is to obtain a suitable vehicle. You will need a rear wheel drive vehicle which can be anything from a firetruck to a Banshee. Due to the need for speed, you may wish to choose a high performance sports car over a firetruck, but that big red bastard will drift if you give her enough gas. While learning how to drift in "GTA San Andreas," cars like the Elegy or Banshee are much easier to handle.  
  2. Find some turns. Drifting requires either lots of room or tight curves. These are tough to find in city streets. The best places to learn how to drift in "GTA San Andreas" are either wide open spaces like the airport or curved roads like the ones you find north of Bone County. Bone County can be found west of Las Venturas.
  3. Drifting in life. After you get your car and find your spot, you are ready to start learning how to drift in "GTA San Andreas." Hug the outer lane and steer into the corner of the turn. Hold the emergency brake (Spacebar on PC and R1 on Playstation 2 controllers) for about one second. You will start to slide so steer and counter steer to maintain control. At the tail end of the drift, you will want to release the gas and counter steer until you are once again going straight.  
  4. What the hell just happened? Learning to drift in life or "GTA San Andreas" is all about practice. If you start losing control, let go of the gas and counter steer.  If you hit the brake too long, you will spin out and stop. If you do not hold it long enough, you will spin out of control, crash and maybe even flip. It is all about practice and knowing the vehicle. Try using the same vehicle until you get the nuances down.
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