How To Drift A Motorcycle

Learning how to drift a motorcycle is a lot like learning to throw a yo-yo (with a motor and wheels, of course). You will mess up quite a bit at first, so don't go too fast! And you will need three things: absolutely no fear, a chopper with plenty of horse power behind it and amazing stability control. Drifting is a product of physics, so you might have to learn a little science, but its about time to put that brain to work anyway!

  1. Relax, keep cool, and build your confidence. This should go without saying, but there are all kinds of nervous wrecks out there today willing to do just about any stupid thing. A cool head is an obvious prerequisite prior to attempting to drift a motorcycle. No you won't be Vin Diesel on your first drifting attempt, but your skill level will increase as time goes on.

  2. Start off in a slow speed, wear a helmet. Once again another obvious tip, but smashing your head against the curb while attempting to drift a motorcycle is most certainly not cool.

  3. Keep the back wheel spinning at all times! If the rear wheel locks, then consider your drift a fail. Motorcycles become very unstable when the back tire locks up, which could be very dangerous for you.

  4. As your and your motorcycle head into the turn, use your front break and slightly lift the clutch. To drift with high quality, you need to utilize your motorcycle's natural ability to regulate itself. As you release the front break the chopper will guide prepare itself ever-so-lightly for your stunt.

  5. Use the rear break to drift (carefully!). Now your motorcycle will complete its drifting. In order to execute a flawless motorcycle drift, you need to make sure your foot doesn't slam down on the rear break, which could cause locking and an unfortunate skid. Conversely, a weak break won't maximize your drift.

Drifting is hard, let alone on a motorcycle. When you learn the secrets of how to drift a motorcycle, nothing beats the feeling! Like that yo-yo, you just got to keep throwing it till you get the right feel for it.

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