How To Drink And Not Get Drunk

If you are fond of going out with friends and drinking, then you may have wondered how to drink and not get drunk. This is handy if you want to enjoy the euphoric effects of alcohol without passing out or puking. Though there is no foolproof way to drink and not get drunk, there are some tips that can definitely help.

To drink and not get drunk, you will need:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Fizzy Beverages
  • Will-power
  1. The easiest way not to get drunk is to simply say no. Most people get drunk because of peer pressure, and they have more alcohol than they can handle. Stay within your alcohol consumption threshold, and don't give in to your friends who might even try to coerce or persuade you to drink more.
  2. If you feel unable to say no to your friends, some simple deception can do wonders. When they aren't looking, replace the drink in your glass with something non-alcoholic, such as Pepsi or apple cider. This resembles alcohol, but doesn't have any alcohol content. Also, you can make frequent trips to the bathroom and throw some of the alcohol down the drain.
  3. Have lots of water. Remember to have water before, during, and after drinking. Water helps to flush out alcohol from the system before it turns into an acid. This limits the euphoric 'drunk' effects as well.
  4. Eat before drinking. It is proven that alcohol causes higher levels of drunkenness when your stomach is empty. Have a meal before going out to drink, and you'll find that you'll have a higher drunkenness threshold. Also, if you eat during drinking, you will feel full—which will in turn stop you from having too much alcohol.
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