How To Drink Beer In Germany

Need to know how to drink beer in Germany? If you are thinking of touring Europe during your travels and want to know how to drink beer in Germany, you need to first know how beer is classified in Germany. In most countries you can order many different brands of beer, but in Germany you will usually find that this is not the case. There are typically one or two major brands at any given establishment in Germany. Usually, one brand will be the most served at any local brewery; you may find that a bar will offer you many types of beers, but they will all be under the same brand.

  1. To drink beer in Germany, you will first need to determine what kind of beer you want to try. While there are many to choose from in the breweries, the most common ones are Pilsner (a light lager), Export (a less bitter lager), Weissbier (an unfiltered wheat beer that is typically called the standard Hefeweizen), Kristallweizen (filtered wheat beer), Dunkel (dark lager) and Dunkelweizen (a dark Weissbeir).
  2. You will need to select from what the local breweries have available on tap. If drinking fresh beer matters not to you, then just order the style you want and they will serve you one. However, you can always ask the server, “Was haben sie vom Fass?” This is a basic way to ask for the top beer in the bar in German, and will tell your servers that you truly do know how to drink beer in Germany in style!
  3. The last step in knowing how to drink beer in Germany is to take note of the various brews to choose from. Order your preferred type of beer by stating “bitte” (bit-tuh), as in “Weissbier bitte” (vise-beer bit-tuh), and always remember to thank your server by saying ”Danke” (thank you) and to raise your glass to the other people at the table and say the toast “Prost!” Then, follow this by clinking your glass with the others who have mugs on the bottoms of the glasses, and always look your fellow drinkers in the eyes, for to not do this would be an insult to the friends that you are toasting.
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