How To Drink Champagne

Learning how to drink champagne properly can help you really appreciate this bubbling, refreshing drink. Champagne has long been the beverage of choice to celebrate special occasions. This article will show you how to prepare and drink champagne.

  1. Chill the champagne. Before you drink champagne it should be chilled properly. Champagne should be chilled for at least 30 minutes in a bucket filled halfway with water and halfway with ice. Be careful when choosing to chill the champagne in the refrigerator. Chill in the refrigerator for no more than 3 to 4 hours to prevent the champagne from becoming to cold and compromising the delicate flavors.
  2. Open the champagne.  To open champagne properly, start by removing the foil that covers the wire cage on top of the bottle. Untwist and remove the wire cage. Place one hand at the base of the champagne bottle and use a towel to cover and grasp the cork. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle away from people and objects. While holding the cork, gently turn the bottle. The cork should make a quiet hissing sound when it is removed. This method keeps the bubbles from spewing out and being wasted.
  3. Choose the right glass. When drinking champagne be sure to use the right style of glass. The most common type of glass used to drink champagne are long stemmed flutes and tulip shaped glasses. Both of these designs allows the drink to maintain its bubbles which makes the drinking experience more enjoyable. There is no need to chill the glasses before pouring in the champagne.
  4. Pour the champagne.  Pour the champagne into the glass as soon as it is opened. Pour a little bit of the champagne into the glass, let the bubbles settle and then continue filling the glass until it's about two thirds full.
  5. Hold the glass.  To hold a glass of  champagne properly, grasp the glass by the long stem. Avoid holding the glass in your palm since this can cause the champagne to warm.
  6. Sip the champagne. The best part has arrived. It's now time to enjoy that cold, refreshing glass of champagne. Champagne is an elegant drink which can have many flavor notes. The best way to enjoy and savor the flavors of champagne is to sip it slowly.
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