How To Drink A Shot

So, you want to know how to drink a shot. Before you do anything, keep in mind that a shot is commonly designated as one unit of alcohol, the equivalent of a whole bottle of beer or a glass of wine. Not only that, shots are pure alcohol. They metabolize faster and get you drunk faster, especially if you haven't eaten for a while. This is why shots taste so god-awful and, consequently, why you want to know how to drink a shot.

  1. Don't smell the shot. First and foremost, whatever you do, don't smell the alcohol. The scent will fill your mouth and your body with a sense of foreboding. You'll be far more likely to gag or choke when trying to drink the shot. Keep it at an arm's distance, with your hand firmly wrapped around the shot glass. Don't think about it too much. Instead, propose a toast because, hopefully, you'll be drinking this shot with other people who are likewise drinking shots. There is no better way to meet people than to share the delightfully painful experience of a shot.
  2. Chaser/Mixer There is something else you can do to make the shot bearable. Order or find a soda or a glass of water. You can have this on-hand as a "chaser" or, even better, you can use it as a mixer then and there. To do this, take a small sip of it before drinking the shot. Hold it in your mouth. Drink the shot and swallow both the shot and the other beverage at the same time. This will mask the taste of the alcohol because you are effectively taking a shot but, simultaneously, drinking a mixed drink.
  3. Don't Sip Tip the shot glass upside-down to make sure you finish it immediately. Nothing in a shot glass is meant to be savored.
  4. Don't breathe through your nose. Your nose will only serve to remind you of the lava-like liquid boiling on your tongue.
  5. Don't pause at any point. Swallow the shot immediately or it could go up your nose or go down the wrong pipe, which is inarguably one of the worst experiences you could ever have in your life.
  6. Don't breathe through your nose for a few seconds afterward. Breathe out a few deep breaths through your mouth first.

Now, you're done drinking a shot. If you feel the need, grab your chaser and take a sip of it. Give your body a minute to let the shot settle before even thinking about drinking another one. But, hopefully, you'll be a lot more prepared for your next one. Cheers! 


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