How To Drink Whiskey

Learn about how to drink whiskey to enjoy this beverage in many ways. Whiskey, which includes Tennessee bourbon, rye, and bourbon, is a hard liquor distilled from a mix of grains. Irish whiskey is spelled with an "e" in the name. Scotch whisky is spelled without the "e" in the name and is either a single malt or blended liquor and is generally aged for at least three years. The main difference in taste between whiskey and Scotch whisky is that Scotch whisky has a smoky flavor. There are numerous ways to drink whiskey to make it an enjoyable, smooth cocktail.

To drink whiskey, you will need:

  • Whiskey
  • Glass
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Soda
  1. Whiskey neat. One way to drink whiskey is to drink it by itself in a glass. That's right, straight up. No ice. No mixers. Just whiskey. This drink is called neat.
  2. Whiskey on the rocks. For a chilled drink, you can drink whiskey in a glass with ice. This type of drink is called on the rocks.
  3. Whiskey and water. To dilute the strong flavor of whiskey, you can add water to the liquor. About three parts whiskey to one part water or less is a good mix.
  4. Whiskey and soda. Mixing cola and whiskey is a popular way to drink whiskey. The sweetness of the cola makes the flavor of whiskey less strong and easier to drink if you are not accustomed to the strong flavor of this liquor.
  5. Sipping the drink. To enjoy whiskey more fully, instead of chugging it or even taking full swallows, sipping is advised. The taste of whiskey is smooth, and it is better enjoyed in small doses.
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